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Children's Ministries mentors children from birth to know, love and follow Jesus Christ, and to help their families become deeply committed Christians.

Preschool Ministry

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Plan now to attend Holy Week activities as a family

April Holy Week services & activities...

13th  Palm Sunday (children two years and up will receive a palm branch to take home)
13th  Associational Bible Drill
16th  Bring a Friend to Missions (Jesus spent time with his friends on Wednesday of His last week on earth)
17th  Maundy Thursday Service at 7:00pm (preschool childcare provided)
Dinner at 6:00pm in FH
19th  Family Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic at 4:00pm at the Rohlfings.  RSVP by April 17.
20th  Easter Sunday with Sunrise Service at 7:00 AM

Mark Your Calendars:


Vacation Bible School 9-13, 9-12:00
and VBS Plus+

(3 yr. olds by Sept 2013 - grade 5) 

Creative Arts Camp 23-25, 9am-2pm
(completed grades 1-5)


CentriKid Camp 7-11
(completed grades 4-6)
All Sports Camp 21-24 (NEW!) 9am-12:00pm
(completed grades 1-5)

Contact the Children's Ministry Department

Carrie Beth Tonks
Ministry of Childhood Education

Beverly Chavez
Ministry Assistant

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