Parent Ministry Resources

Guiding youth to grow in their faith and integrate it in their lives is no easy task for parents! That's why we at Calvary offer multiple resources for parents as they guide and model faith for their youth. Below are two audio resources from September 2013. The first is an audio file from our first ever Youth Ministry Forum. This recording includes a brief analysis of findings from the National Study of Youth and Religion, a brief summary of our philosophy of youth ministry, and a panel discussion about ministry with youth. The second recording is from our Parent Ministry Seminar entitled "Developing Faith for the Long Haul" by Rev. Dale Tadlock, former president of the CBF Youth Ministry Network and director of Passport Media.

If you have any questions regarding these recordings, would like copies of the resources mentioned from these recordings, or would like more information about our ministry with parents, please contact Jason Matlack.


Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Should Help Lead Youth Trips!

More than one hundred youth and parents attended out annual Youth Ministry meeting this past August 18. I n addition to receiving the new youth directories and getting lots of information about upcoming events, parents heard Sunday School teacher Samantha Todd give her "Top 10" list of reasons why parents should help lead youth trips, events, and camps. This was such a great list that I decided to reproduce it here!

Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Should Help Lead Youth Trips!

10. You will visit exciting exotic locations (like Asheville, NC and Panama City Beach, FL!)

9. Your trip is paid for!  

8. You will enjoy delicious home-cooked meals. (No joke!) 

7. You will have upper body workouts driving the church buses. 

6. You will have a greater appreciation for private bathrooms.

5. Insomnia is no longer a problem after a week at camp! 

4. When you don't like your teenager so much, the Harringtons will let you hold their beautiful baby girl! 

3. Some of these kids will be famous some day and you can say "I knew them when..." 

2. Did I mention your trip is paid for and that of any younger children that must accompany you? 

1. YOUTH ARE AWESOME and you will receive many blessings from watching them grow! 

If you would like to experience Sam's top 10 list for yourself, then contact Jason about volunteering for our upcoming Fall Break Retreat, Spring Break Retreat, and Passport Camp!