Reserving Our Facilities

  • Reservations for outside groups will be limited to churches or organizations with a ministry purpose consistent with that of Calvary Baptist Church.
  • Outside groups may reserve the ROC depending on availability.
  • Reservations for outside groups must be approved by the Minister of Missions and Outreach and proper forms must be submitted in a timely manner.
  • Outside groups will be expected to abide by all the rules of the ROC.
  • Groups may be asked to pay a fee. Fees will be based on amount of time needed and cost of operation. Fees will be determined by Calvary Baptist Church.
  • Church or ministry groups may reserve areas of the facility based on availability. During normal operating hours groups may be asked to share facilities with individual participants.
  • Saturday evenings will be closed to the public and the ROC will be available for church groups.
  • If events are scheduled outside of regular ROC open hours, a fee will be charged to cover cost of ROC staff who will need to be present.
  • Only Calvary Baptist Church members may schedule birthday parties at the ROC. During regular operating hours, there is no charge for birthday parties. Outside of regular operating hours there is a minimum charge of $25 for a 2-hour party. Beyond 2 hours, the cost is $12.50 per hour.
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Click on the map for a larger view.