As I write this week’s column, I have just read the daily devotional and prayer guide for December 3. This devotional and prayer guide is a project and ministry of our Calvary Prayer Team. Each day during the month of December, a different member of our Calvary Church family has written a devotional thought and prayer for that particular day. Today the devotional thought was written by Mark Dill, one of our youth who is a senior at Henry Clay High School. Mark’s thoughtful devotional recounts how he learned the important lesson of sharing as a result of an Advent calendar that he and his sister Meredith have enjoyed during each Christmas season. Yesterday, I was inspired by Francis Marcum’s story of a loving act which she and her family received during the Christmas of 1965. 

I look forward to reading these devotionals each day. Not only do they enable me to learn something new about members of my wonderful Calvary church family; these devotionals are also reminding me–during this busy, often hectic Christmas season–to keep my focus on God’s gift of His Son Jesus Christ. 

Let me encourage  you to join many other people in our church family who are reading these meaningful devotionals and prayers each day of this Advent Season. These devotionals are being e-mailed to our church members each day. They can also be downloaded by going to the home page of our church web site There are also some “hard copies” available in the church office, Welcome Desks, Sanctuary, and in the Senior Adult area in EB2, third floor. 

Take note of the various worship services and church activities that are scheduled throughout the month of December. Invite a friend and/or family member to come to one or more of these worship services and/or activities with you. Researchers tell us that many of the unchurched people in our country would come to a church service or activity during the Christmas season if  a friend or family member would just ask them. Who is a person that God might be directing you to invite to church this Advent season? 



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