What a celebration we had in the Fellowship Hall this past Sunday evening as we recognized our Minister of Childhood Education, Rev. Carrie Beth Tonks, and our Associate Pastor, Rev. Hank Ellington, for 20 years of faithful and exceptional service to our church! Although both of these honored “guests” became a bit “warm” at times (after all, the program included a “roast”), the spirit of joy and laughter and heartfelt appreciation that permeated the Fellowship Hall conveyed how grateful our CBC family is for these two talented and dedicated ministers. 

All kidding and “roasting” aside, THANK YOU Carrie Beth and Hank: 
-Thank you both for 20 years of faithful service to Calvary Church.
-Thank you for viewing your respective ministry positions as a calling and not just as a job.
-Thank you for your work ethic and for your commitment to excellence.
-Thank you for teaching us–not only through Children’s sermons and pulpit preaching and Bible studies, things you have spoken and said; But also thank you for teaching us through your lifestyles and actions, things you have modeled and lived out.
-Thank you for challenging us to give God our very best through the sharing of our time, talents, and resources.
-And thank you for blessing us through the sharing of your own resources, talents, and time.
-Thank you for “being there” for us when we have needed a counselor, a prayer, an empathetic ear, a minister, a friend.
-Thank you for the many times that you have laughed with us, worked with us, fellowshipped with us, and even on occasion, cried with us.
-Thank you for being our ministers.
-Thank you for being–in the best “Philippians 1:5” sense of the word–“our partners in the gospel.”
-Thank you for being our sister and brother in Christ.
-From the depths of our congregational (and my pastoral) heart–THANKS!

Your grateful pastor, 


P.S.S. (Pastor’s Postscript): Remember that this coming Sunday (September 15th) is National Back to Church Sunday. Plan to be present and invite a friend (or friends) to come with you. See you Sunday! 

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