We are now just past the midpoint of our church wide Transformed campaign. This past Sunday we focused on being transformed in our emotional health. I am grateful to Dr. Rick Landon, director of our Interfaith Counseling Center, for “tag team” preaching the sermon with me. Rick provided us with insightful answers to several “interview” – type questions such as:

1)    When should people get counseling?

2)    Why should people get counseling?

3)    Why do people hesitate (or even refuse) to get counseling?

4)    What can we do (as a church as well as individuals) to encourage people to seek counseling?

Dr. Landon also shared some of the resources that are available to our church and community through the ministry and counseling services of the Interfaith Counseling Center. You can find more information about Interfaith Counseling Center by going to the center’s website (www.interfaithcounselingcenter.org). Last Sunday’s “tag team” sermon can be accessed by going to our church website (www.calvarybaptistchurch.com).

We will continue our Transformed campaign this Sunday when we will examine what it means to be transformed in our relational health. Let me encourage you to be present for both Sunday School and worship as we consider biblical principles which will enable us to have healthy relationships (with God and with others).  Let me also encourage you to read the daily devotions in our Transformed Workbook/Journals which I have found to be extremely helpful.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.




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