Dear Calvary Family:

Let me encourage you to be present this coming Sunday (June 28) for a called church business meeting. This meeting, which has been previously announced in accordance with our church constitution and by-laws, will take place in the church fellowship hall immediately after the 11:00 a.m. worship service. Lunch as well as child care will be provided.  

The purpose of this called meeting will be to hear a presentation from the Capital Projects Steering Committee to consider a recommendation from our Deacons and our Finance Committee that our church embark on a capital campaign to raise adequate funds to address the following issues:

1. Paying off the debt on the Mission Lex-  ington Building ($500,000);

2. Replacing the fifty- five year old heating and air system in the Sanctuary Building ($606,000);

3. Improving and enhancing the worship experience – including sound, lighting, audio/visual, hearing assistance, handicap accessibility, and Sanctuary renovations ($889,536). 

Our church currently finds herself in one of the strongest financial positions that we have had in recent years. We certainly have the potential (and the responsibility) to carry out this proposed $1,995,536 capital campaign which will enable us to make much needed and long overdue improvements to our sanctuary and fellowship hall and to eliminate the $500,000 debt on the Mission Lexington Building (where Christ-oriented medical and dental services are given to the poor and marginalized in our community).  Not only will this proposed capital campaign enable us to become a more effective church now, but it will also position us to be an even more effective servant church on mission for Christ for years to come.

So come and join your church family at the called business meeting this Sunday as we consider and discuss this opportunity to be the church that Christ is calling us to be!

Your pastor,





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