Dear Calvary Church Family:
Every third year, our church grants me a sabbatical. Thank you so much for this “time away” from my day to day responsibilities as your pastor  – a time for rest, renewal, reflection, and study. I always come back from sabbaticals not only rested and renewed but also better equipped to carry out God’s calling for me – to be the pastor of our church.

I will be on sabbatical during the month of July. During my sabbatical, our excellent and dedicated church staff led by our associate pastor Hank Ellington will continue to provide leadership in the ongoing ministries of the church. I have asked the following ministers to preach at Calvary during the four July Sundays that I will be away:
        July 5     Rev. Hank Ellington
        July 12   Dr. Greg Earwood, President of the Baptist Seminary                             of  Kentucky
        July 19    Rev. Hank Ellington
        July 26    Dr. Dwight Moody, President of the Academy                                            of Preachers

I will return to the Calvary pulpit on August 2. Thank you again for the  sabbatical. And thank you in advance for continuing to support Christ’s work through our church during my absence.

At a called church business meeting this past Sunday (June 28), our church voted to embark on a Capital Campaign to raise the funds needed to address the following issues:

1. Pay off Debt on Mission Lexington Building                    $500,000
2.Replace 55 year old Heating and Air System                     $606,000
    in the Sanctuary
3.Improve Sound and Lighting in Sanctuary                        $409,000
   (Includes flooring & Audio Visual)
4.Improve Handicap Accessibility in Sanctuary                   $  22,600
5.Improve Sound/Lighting and Audio Visual                       $128,000
   in Fellowship Hall
6. Design/Overhead and Contingencies                                  $329,936

TOTAL ML Debt & Construction Costs                                  $1,995.536

*Any Funds received above this will be used to pay off existing
   debt on ROC Building and to add to our maintenance reserve.

More specifics about our Capital Campaign will be shared with the church in the near future. For now, join me in praying that this church wide campaign will be used by God to enable our congregation to be the church that God is calling us to be both now and in the years to come.

As I go on sabbatical, please know how grateful I am to be your pastor. What a privilege it is for me to be part of our wonderful Calvary family!



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