Here are 5 Things you need to know about CBC this week:

1. Rev. Brian Varble has been on our ministerial staff for fifteen years. For the first nine years of his ministry with us, Brian served as our Minister of Youth. For the last six years, Brian has provided (and continues to provide) excellent leadership as our Minister of Missions and Recreation. God has certainly blessed our congregation through Brian’s love for people, his relationship building skills, his passion for missions, and his love for the local church. As an expression of our gratitude to Brian, there will be a reception (including a light lunch and some presentations) in his honor in the Fireside Room immediately following the 11:00 a.m. worship service this coming Sunday (January 31). I look forward to gathering with our church family as we honor Brian and his family (Tammy, Brandon, and Andrew).

2. Rev. Justin Sizemore and his wife Abby will be moving to Lexington this week and will be in our worship services this Sunday. Our church recently called Justin to be our next Minister of Youth, and we are excited about welcoming Justin and Abby into our Calvary family. Justin officially begins his ministry with us on Monday, February 1. Welcome, Justin and Abby.

3. For the past six months, Ryan and Maria Harrington have been serving as our Interim Ministers of Youth. Loved by youth, children, and adults alike, the Harringtons have not only “held our youth program together” during a time of transition, but their leadership has also resulted in youth ministry program growth. So thank you, Ryan and Maria (and Mia and Maggie), for loving our youth and for allowing God to work through your lives to make a positive difference in the life of our church in general and in the life of our young people in particular.

4. The recent winter storm resulted in us having an altered scheduled this past Sunday. Your flexibility and commitment are to be commended. We had approximately 300 folks who made it to our “11:00 a.m.” only worship service. Several other persons listened to our service on our live radio broadcast over WVLK 590 AM radio. Still others “live streamed” our service on their lap top computers, i pads, and i phones. So thank you, Calvary family, for continuing to be faithful as a church even during inclement and challenging weather.

5. In the coming weeks, you will begin to hear information about our spring capital campaign which is to provide the financial resources that will be needed to:  1) pay off the debt on the Mission Lexington Building ($500,000); 2) replace the fifty- five year old heating and air system in the Sanctuary Building ($606,000); and 3) improve and enhance the worship experience – including sound, lighting, audio/visual, hearing assistance, handicap accessibility, and Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall renovations ($889,536).  For now, please begin praying that God will work through this campaign to equip us to be the congregation that He is calling us to be both now and in the future. Pray especially for those who have agreed to serve on the Executive Leadership Team for our campaign: Jimmy and Sally Adams (co-chairs), Mira Ball, David and Sue Shaw, Jay Blanton, Neil and Gloria Reed, Sherry Johnson and Susan Scott.

I continued to be blessed by the privilege that I have to serve as your pastor. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.







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