This coming Sunday, May 1st, is the day our congregation will gather in worship for the Commitment Sunday of our Above & Beyond capital campaign.  There will be one combined worship service this Sunday beginning at 11:00 a.m. in the sanctuary. Please make every effort to be in attendance as our church family gathers to worship our generous God through our presence and participation.

 You should have received in the mail this week your Above & Beyond” commitment card and privacy envelope. Please bring this with you this coming Sunday (May 1st). There will be a time during this very special worship service when your “Above & Beyond”  commitment cards will be received. For those of you who have already turned in your commitments and made early commitments, please feel free to use a commitment card and mark it “already pledged” so that you can participate in the corporate act of worship this Sunday with the rest of the congregation.

 I am grateful and so excited to share with you that as the result of early commitments whichseveral church leaders have made to “Above and Beyond,” our church has already received more than $1.1 Million in gifts and commitments toward our over-all $2 MILLION campaign goal. May the generous lead gifts of these servant leaders in our church encourage and inspire all of us to make prayerful, generous, and sacrificial commitments so that our $2 MILLION “Above & Beyond” capital campaign goal can be reached and surpassed!

 Over the past several weeks, you have heard much about this important moment in the life of our church through sermons, Bible Study lessons, testimonies, brochures which were mailed to the church family, and through our prayerful preparation. Our hope and vision in this campaign is to engage everyone in our church family in a prayerful, faith-filled, heart-enlarging journey before God, and to respond as our Lord leads each of us.  At this “defining moment” time in the life of our congregation, we are encouraging each other to share generously and sacrificially the abundance God has entrusted to each of us, so that part of those resources might be channeled through this Above & Beyond campaign to provide for future ministry, reaching and growing disciples not yet part of our church, perhaps not yet born.

 So during these final days of spiritual preparation, let me encourage you to spend some extended time in prayer as you consider what God is leading you to commit to our “Above & Beyond” campaign. Then, having prayerfully discerned what God is calling you to do, come and worship with your Calvary church family this Sunday when we – as an expression of our worship of God – will offer to God our confidential “Above & Beyond” commitments.

 This coming Sunday’s 11:00 a.m. worship service promises to be a pivotal, “defining moment” in the life of our congregation. May it be a service which not only pleases God in the present but which also honors God through gifts and commitments that will enable us to serve Christ even more effectively in the future!

 I look forward to seeing you for 9:45 a.m. Sunday School and for combined worship at 11:00 a.m. this Sunday. Blessings on you, church family, for continuing to seek God’s guidance in being an “Above & Beyond” church! I really do “thank God for your partnership in the gospel” (Phillipians 1:3-5)

 Your pastor,


P.S. If for some reason you cannot attend this coming Sunday’s Commitment Day service, you are encouraged to bring or mail your“Above & Beyond” Commitment Cards to the church office.


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