“School’s out! But church is not!” I trust that you will keep this slogan in mind throughout the summer. Enjoy your summer break. Get some much needed rest and relaxation. Take a vacation or trip with your family if you can. Celebrate God’s good gift of summer.

Do remember, however, that the work of the church continues during the summer months. So let me encourage you to remain faithful to the ministry of the church in several ways:

1. Participate in Sunday School and Sunday worship each week (at Calvary when you are not traveling).

2. Support the work of the church through the giving of your tithes and offerings (even when you are away on vacation).

3. Pray regularly for our church, for our ministerial staff, and for our ongoing ministries.

4. Volunteer your time in a worthwhile mission/ministry project such as: Vacation Bible School; the church wide mission trip to Hanover, New Hampshire; the daily ministry of the Recreation Outreach Center; chaperoning one of our many youth activities, etc.

5. Have a time of personal devotions each day – spend some intentional time with God!

6. Invite a friend, neighbor, or family member to participate in a church worship service or activity with you!

 May we enjoy the good gift of summer as we continue to celebrate the good gift of church. “School’s out! But church is still very much in session!”

In Christ,  Bob

P.S. I continue to be amazed at the commitment of our church to our “Above&Beyond” capital campaign. As of this writing, total commitments to the “A&B” campaign are $2,021,149.43.  Total contributions to the “A&B” campaign already total $414,825.15!We have designated June 5 as “First Fruits” Sunday when we are encouraging everyone to give something (even if it as small amount) to the “A&B” campaign as an official way to kick off the “giving phase” of “A&B.” Special “A&B” envelopes are available in the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and church office. An “A&B” offering envelope will be included in the packet of giving envelopes that you receive each month. Again, Calvary Family, thank you for your generous support of the Lord’s work through our church. 


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