During the 8:30 and 11:00am services we will recognize and pray for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) missionaries around our globe.  Suzii Paynter, Executive Coordinator of the CBF will preach and share the vision of CBF missions.  We will also be collecting a second offering at both the 8:30 and 11:00 service to help support our CBF missionaries.  Our offerings will directly impact sharing the Gospel around the globe.
Please pray about how you can support the missional efforts of the CBF. Read Dr. Baker’s Pastor’s Paragraph below.

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 Pastor’s Paragraph

In last Sunday’s sermon, I shared with the congregation an insight from the Rev. Charles Poole regarding Easter. Easter, he says, has two voices. The first voice of Easter declares: “Come. Come and be comforted by the fact that God has raised Jesus from the dead.” This first Easter voice of “come” and experience the good news of Easter is a “Sure and certain sign that God is never finished or through or done!”
And we did “come” last Sunday.  We came and celebrated the fact that the Christ we serve is a living Savior – that on that first Easter, God through the power of resurrection raised Jesus from the dead. Hearing Easter’s first voice, we “came” and worshipped (through beautiful, inspiring music, through scripture, and through proclamation) the risen Christ.
We also “heard” Easter’s second voice.  This is the Easter voice that says “Go, go and tell.” It is the voice that commissions us “to go follow the risen Christ to places you never dreamed you would go – to mission projects and activities that you never thought that you would or could do.”  The second voice of Easter bids us to “keep Easter going” even after Easter Sunday is over.
This coming Sunday is Global Missions Sunday at Calvary. We will receive a special offering for CBF Global Missions. This offering will help support Cooperative Baptist Missionaries serving Christ throughout the world. We are privileged to welcome to our pulpit, Suzii Paynter who is the Executive Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist fellowship. Suzii, a gifted speaker and communicator, will be sharing the CBF Missions vision. She will be used by God to help us hear the second voice of Easter: “Go and tell. Go and follow the Risen Christ to places, to mission projects, and to ministry activities that He will show you.”
Having heard the “Come and be comforted” first voice of Easter last Sunday, let me encourage you to be present this coming Sunday when the second voice of Easter will be proclaiming how we can “Go and tell!”
I look forward to seeing you this Sunday and to introducing you to Suzii Paynter, my friend and fellow minister.

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