Calvary’s Room in the Inn Ministry: We are looking for Sunday School classes to help on 22 Sunday evenings November 4th through March 31st. —-> We are in serious need of overnight hosts. 40 men needed to serve in 2 person teams to fill 20 Sunday nights on the schedule. Sign up now by contacting Brian Varble via email or at (859) 327-9984 or at church on Sunday 10/21.  

Printable sign up form with dates and additional information for Sunday School classes is available here.

When someone experiences hospitality and safety and a feeling of belonging, they experience sanctuary.  — Charles Strobel, founding director, RITI Nashville

ROOM IN THE INN Lexington’s ministry was born over 10 years ago in response to a cease-and-desist order issued by the LFUCG against a local church who began offering food and shelter in their basement during the coldest nights of the winter. In response to the City’s action, we formed a small delegation that traveled to Nashville to evaluate the ROOM IN THE INN NASHVILLE ministry. The Nashville ministrybegan in 1986 under the leadership of Father Charles Stroble, with 4 churches. It is now Nashville’s second largest shelter with over 200 host congregations participating. 

Each fall, homeless men from the Lexington area are invited to apply to participate in our ministry. Applicants are screened and 24 men are invited to attend. The men are divided into two groups, which are dispatched each night from a central downtown location to participating congregations by an Innkeeper. Participating congregations pick up the guests and transport them to their facilities, where they are greeted with a warm meal and a safe place to sleep for the evening. The following morning, guests receive breakfast and are transported back downtown. Through this process, relationships are formed and lives are changed – not just the guests, everyone involved!

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