Calvary Connections Newsletter, October 11, 2018
Note: the information that follows was published in our Connections newsletter. More information can now be found on the Calvary Transition Information web page.

The next few months will be an important time in the life of our church as Dr. Baker retires and turns over his leadership and 27-year service legacy at Calvary to another leader.  While we are reluctant to see the end of Dr. Baker’s ministry with us, we rejoice and celebrate the many good years of his ministry at Calvary. In the meantime . . . our newly-formed Transition Team has begun to plan the next steps for the Church.
When Dr. Baker spoke about his desire to retire to the Personnel Committee, this began a conversation about planning for the future of Calvary, both long-term and successional.  We felt the formation of a Transition Team could help us address some of these issues, leaving the future Pulpit Committee free to focus on the search for our new pastor. 

You may be asking, exactly what does a Transition Team do, and who are the members?  One of our first tasks will be to help Calvary determine where God is leading us. It is the desire of the Transition Team to ensure a smooth transition while maintaining all the ministries of the church through the months prior to and following after the retirement of Dr. Baker and until the placement of a new Pastor. The Team will work in conjunction with current staff, the Deacon Board, the Personnel Committee, the Finance Committee, and the entire congregation.    

Things we will not be doing include choosing the Pulpit Committee, as the Nominating Committee will have that task, nor will the Transition Team be selecting the new Pastor and we will only spend funds that have been approved by the congregation.

For your part, we ask that you pray for the committees involved, but also for the Calvary Staff, Nominating Committee, and Deacon Board as they seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.   We ask that you continue to be faithful in your attendance at services, participate in the various ministries at Calvary, or get involved if you are not currently, and continue to support the work of the Church through your regular giving.

The Transition Team members all want to hear your thoughts and suggestions and pledge to keep you informed throughout the process. Let’s challenge ourselves to not only maintain, but grow in numbers, in spirit, and in financing the various ministries of Calvary during this transition period.

Team Members are: Becky Miller, Chairperson, Mira Ball, Amanda Hale, Lee Jinright, Abbie Jones, Ellen Kennedy, Neil Reed, Brad Scroggin, Matt Skaggs, Mike Taylor, Bill Thurman and Becky Wills.

Calvary Connections Newsletter, October 11, 2018

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