Pastor’s Paragraph—November 15, 2018
This coming Sunday, November 18th, is Thanksgiving Sunday at Calvary. It is also Commitment Day, a day when we have the opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude to the Lord. Specifically, we are asking each member  of our Calvary family to demonstrate his/her gratitude to God in the following ways:

  1. By being present. Our presence at Bible study and worship is a tangible way of demonstrating that God is certainly worthy of our worship. So plan to be present (and invite a friend to come with you). Those members who cannot attend are encouraged to listen to our morning worship service as it is broadcast over the radio (WVLK/590) or to live stream our service by going to the church website.

  2. By making a confidential commitment to the 2019 church budget.  Commitment cards have been mailed to our church members. Commitment cards will also be available in the sanctuary as well as in the church office. There will be a designated time during the morning worship services this Sunday when the commitment cards will be received. If you cannot be present this Sunday, please mail or bring your commitment card to the church office.

  3. By giving a generous offering to support the Lord’s work through our church in 2018. We are currently behind in our budget giving. Giving to the church budget provides the financial resources which are needed for CBC to carry out our God-given mission. No one church member (or even several church members) can provide enough money in order for our 2018 budget of $2, 169,812 to be met. However, if every CBC member will practice good stewardship and “do his or her part” then more than enough financial resources for the work of our church will be given.

  4. By praying daily for our church during this period of transition and (after February 28th) during the upcoming interim period. Pray that all Calvary members will “step up” during this upcoming season of change so that even during the interim period (so that especially during the interim period) CBC will do her best in being the church that God will continue calling us to be.

I look forward to seeing you for Thanksgiving/Commitment Day worship this Sunday morning and at the Family Thanksgiving Feast this coming Sunday night!


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