11/16/18 Update from Carrie Beth: RA’s and GA’s can begin purchasing and preparing their shoe boxes at home now in preparation for the Wednesday, November 28th collection night. Here is a simplified list of items needed:

soap or body wash
shampoo/ conditioner
toothbrush, toothpaste
pens, pencils and age appropriate school supplies
hat, gloves
nail polish
card games
$5-10 gift cards from Walmart, Family Dollar, Dollar General

Olive Branch Ministries Christmas Boxes for Appalachia Program in collaboration with CBF Missionary, Scarlette Jasper, kicks off at Calvary on Wednesday, November 7th. Boxes are needed for teens and children. Feel free to contact Carrie Beth Tonks for information. Scarlette Jasper’s letter and contact information is below.

Letter from Scarlette Jasper – CBF Missionary, Southern Kentucky
(Click here for printable letter and list)
Olive Branch Ministries Christmas Boxes for Appalachia Program
*This Christmas box may be the only Christmas gift that many of these children receive.*


ALL BOXES -small sizes are okay
Soap or body wash in a zip lock bag, shampoo, conditioner in a zip lock bag, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, washcloth,age appropriate school supplies (pens, pencils, etc.), hat, gloves

High School (100+ boxes needed) : $10 gift card to Walmart, Family Dollar or Dollar General, deodorant, and other items you would like to include: perfume, Axe body spray, wallet, jewelry, nail polish, socks, etc.

Kindergarten – 6th Grade (1,000 boxes needed): $5 – $10 gift card to Walmart, Family Dollar or Dollar General, other items you would like to include: markers, age appropriate toys, nail polish, lip gloss, jewelry, hair bows, books, card games, Legos, etc.

BOXES FOR OTHER COUNTIES (500 boxes needed) – Above items plus gift cards, age appropriate toys or other items.  There are a variety of ages and genders in these counties that we minister to.  Please identify what age/gender that the box is for.  Specifics can be given if you would like to prepare boxes for these specific needs.

I request gift cards in place of a clothing item.  Our children vary in sizes and do not always wear the size that is the standard age size and this way they can get something that they can pick out for themselves.  Some have inquired about other gift cards. McCreary County has an Arby’s, McDonalds, Subway and KFC.  If you would prefer me to shop for you, please make contributions payable to: Olive Branch Ministries and denote Christmas Boxes in the memo line or online through CBF here.

  • Please no violent or war related items

  • If you would like to send candy, please do not put in the boxes.  Candy absorbs the soap taste and smell making it inedible.  Please send in a separate bag and I will make sure it gets distributed to the children.

Thank you and blessings!
Scarlette Jasper
(606) 305-3134 sjasper@cbf.net 
104 Oakdale Drive
Somerset, KY 42503

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