One of the most influential teachers that I ever had is Mrs. Margaret Greynolds, my speech /communications professor when I was a student at Georgetown College. Margaret taught me (and all her students) how to become a more effective speaker and communicator. She encouraged me to be an active member of the college’s Forensic Team which not only provided me with the opportunity to travel to and participate in a multitude of various regional and national speech tournaments, but which also provided me with the opportunity to become acquainted with and to become friends with people from an array of different backgrounds.

Both inside and outside the classroom, Margaret taught me – not only to be a better speaker, but to be a better person. For me (and so many of her students) she was professor, coach, counselor, “second mother,” and friend. To say the least, Margaret Greynolds has been (and continues to be) a blessing to me from God.

This coming Sunday, Margaret is gathering a number of her former students at the Georgetown Baptist Church for worship and for a reunion lunch. She has asked her pastor, Dr. Alan Redditt, if I might be the guest preacher of the day. Alan, whom I know well and whose ministry I appreciate, agreed. So this coming Sunday (June 10), Deborah and  I will be at Georgetown Baptist. In my absence from Calvary’s pulpit, I have asked Dr. Redditt to come and preach at our morning worship services. So Alan and I are actually participating in a “pulpit exchange” this Sunday.

Let me encourage you to make a special effort to hear Alan Redditt. He is a gifted young preacher and minister. Justin Sizemore, who is a friend of Alan’s, will introduce him. Be in prayer for both Alan and for me (and for my friend and professor Margaret Greynolds) during this Sunday’s worship at Calvary Baptist and at Georgetown Baptist Church.
I will be back in Calvary’s pulpit on June 17th (Father’s Day). Thank you for your commitment to Christ through our loving Calvary Church family.

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