Join us for Fellowship Dinner in Fellowship Hall from 5:00-6:15. At 6:15pm there will be a Congregational Meeting and question and answer session with Dr. Bill Owen, candidate for Transition Pastor/Congregational Coach. Note: Sanctuary Choir practice will be at 7:00pm.

4:00pm–Youth Homework Huddle
5:00pm–Fellowship Dinner
5:00pm–Youth Open Gym
5:15pm—Prayer Team Meeting in Gathering Room
5:15pm—College Dinner at High Point
5:45pm–Preschool/Children’s Music
6:15pm–Congregational Meeting in Fellowship Hall
6:15pm—College “Beautiful Boy” Movie/Event at KY Theatre
6:15pm—Youth Bible Study
6:35pm–Preschool/Children’s Missions
7:00pm—Sanctuary Choir Practice

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Congregational Meeting facebook  010719.jpg

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