Wednesday, February 13th at Calvary: join us for Fellowship Dinner in Fellowship Hall from 5:00-6:15. We have two Bible studies: The Passion of Christ—Studies in Matthew’s Gospel” and the Women’s study “Just Open the Door” . There is a Missions Committee Meeting at 6:15pm in the Craft Room. The RA Racer Workshop is at 6:35pm.

4:00pm–Youth Homework Huddle
5:00pm–Fellowship Dinner
5:45pm–Preschool/Children’s Music
6:15pm—Mission Committee Meeting, Craft Room
6:15pm–”The Passion of Christ” Bible Study with Hank Ellington
6:15pm—”Just Open the Door” Women’s Study in Rachel’s Room
6:15pm—College Bible Study
6:15pm—Youth Bible Study
6:30pm—Sanctuary Choir Practice
6:35pm–Preschool/Children’s Missions
6:35pm—RA Racer Workshop

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