Join us Wednesday for Fellowship Dinner (Braised Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Soup & Salad Bar and Kids Meal) in Fellowship Hall from 5:00-6:15. There is an information forum at 6:00pm in Fellowship Hall for discussion of the recommendation to be presented at the 9/16 Quarterly Business Meeting.  This week’s Bible Study is the conclusion of Luke: The Great Gospel Storyteller led by Hank Ellington in the Fireside Room. Sanctuary Choir practice is at 7:00pm.

4:00pm–Youth Homework Huddle
5:00pm–Fellowship Dinner
5:00pm–Youth Open Gym
5:45pm–Calvary Women’s Ministry Bible Study Committee Meeting, CR
5:45pm–Preschool/Children’s Music
6:00pm—Information Forum
6:15pm–Bible Study
6:15pm–College Bible Study at High Point
6:15pm–Youth Bible Study
6:35pm–Preschool/Children’s Missions
7:00pm—Sanctuary Choir Practice
7:30pm–College Recess

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Wed Dinner and Menu 912 Insta 091118.jpg

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Luke Bible Study  Insta  0828218.jpg

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