Associate Pastor’s Paragraph—September 27, 2018

Ministry Expo 2018

The ministries and the ministry partners of our church empower us to be the Kingdom of God in diverse and wonderful ways. Those ministries were on display last Sunday at our MINISTRY EXPO in the ROC gym. Despite a fair amount of “liquid sunshine” sending roaring waves down Rodes Avenue, close to three hundred members of our church family and several guests enjoyed the fellowship of lunch around the tables and a tour of our ministry exhibits.
Ministries and Ministry Teams with displays included: High Street Neighborhood Center, Mission Lexington, Interfaith Counseling Center, Facilities Team, Decorating Team, Mother’s Day Out, Pre-School and Children’s Ministry, Children’s Mission Education, Youth Ministry, College and Young Adults Ministry, The Christmas Project, The Home Department, Christian Education Ministry, Music Ministry, LOGOS Ministry, Recreation Ministry, CBF Global Missions Ministry, and a brand new Calvary ministry known as The Tomorrow Initiative.
Additionally we were joined by ministry partners Georgetown College, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky. Special thanks go to CBF KY coordinator Bob Fox who made a special effort to join us in support of ministries of Calvary.
Big events like the MINISTRY EXPO are most effective when they are team efforts. Many thanks go to our Maintenance Supervisor Ken Conners who worked with me to coordinate the setup, to Lisa Garvey our Communications Director for the excellent pre-event publicity, to Education Assistant Tyanna White who always makes me look far better than I really am, and to our staff ministers who prayed over the event and then led in so many ways. Special thanks go to Recreation Minister Brian Varble for coordinating the Food Trucks. I particularly enjoyed the organic deep fried peaches with gluten free vanilla ice cream. Health food at it’s best!
One last thought about something new. Team Chair Neil Reed and team members Bill Thurman, Mollie Brennan, and Roy Griggs have been working diligently for the last few months to help birth the newest Calvary ministry, The Tomorrow Initiative. Seeking to plan for tomorrow by what we do today, The Tomorrow Initiative has been created to be a resource for critical information and assistance to those seeking to provide for the long range future of Calvary through legacy giving. We will learn more about this key initiative in coming days.
Thanks to each of you for supporting our 2018 MINISTRY EXPO. When the church is working right – there’s nothing like it!
Hank Ellington

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