The Transition Team has posted a 1/31/19 update that can be found on the Transition Information page. You can read the update below as well.

Transition Team Update 1-31-19

Here is a list of the Transition Team’s immediate and long-term goals. We are well on the way of getting a short-term Interim Pastor in place and moving on to the next step. Check in for additional updates on our link on the church website. Thank you for your prayers and support!

I. Short-term Interim Pastor and Pulpit Supply – March 3- May 26 (Memorial Day weekend):

Pulpit Speaker – 8:30 and 11:00 service each Sunday

The Transition Team believes that a consistent presence in the pulpit to lead the church after Bob’s final Sunday and through the Lenten season and Easter is needed.

A short term Interim Pastor will preach at two services each Sunday morning with no other pastoral duties except preaching on Sunday. (The college services will continue with Niki Hays leading until classes conclude in the summer as usual.) The Transition Team has a “deep bench” of substitute speakers in addition to staff to fill in on any Sunday the short-term interim might have a conflict.

II. Options for Creation of Congregational Profile and New Pastor Profile Documents:

The Transition Team has begun assembling data about our church and community that need to be in a congregational profile. We still need input from the church, and think that large-scale congregational conversations and surveys need to be done in order to complete the creation of a profile that reflects who we are, and who we are looking for.

Once we secure our short-term interim pastor, the Transition Team sees completion of these documents as its next task.

Options we are considering:

                1. No outside facilitator/drafter – Calvary does it on its own. There are a lot of resources available for churches wishing to undertake this project internally.

                2. Hire outside facilitator/drafter with experience with churches which have undergone a transition or leadership search.

III. Long-term Interim Pastor

After Memorial Day weekend, the Transition Team will again need to have preaching lined up for the open-ended time between then and the ultimate call of a pastor. If the short-term interim pastor has been successful, and is interested in continuing, the Team may request an extension of the original commitment, but the Transition Team is also scouting out other possible interim candidates to serve the church going forward during this time.

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