Worship with us at 8:30, 10:45 or 11:00 on the fifth Sunday of Lent. Bob Browning will share the sermon, “Trial and Error” at the 8:30 & 11:00 services. Scripture readings this week are from John 19:1-16. The 11:00 worship bulletin can be found here. Niki Hays continues the sermon series, “Journey to the Empty Tomb” in The Summit at 10:45 in the Fireside Room. College students, stay for lunch!

Reminder: April 7th is the last day to order Easter Lilies for the Sanctuary.

The cross, —We will take it.
The bread, —We will break it.
The pain, —We will bear it.
The joy, —We will share it.
The Gospel, —We will live it.
The love, —We will give it.
The light, —We will cherish it.
The darkness, —God will perish it.

Sunday, April 7th
8:30am……Early Worship, Fellowship Hall
9:45am……Sunday School
10:45am…..The Summit, Fireside Room
11:00am…..Worship, Sanctuary
11:45am…..College Lunch,Fireside Room
12:10pm……Bible Drill, EB2 2nd Floor
3:00pm…….Nominating Committee Meeting, Conference Room
5:00pm…….Hope Bells, Bell Room
6:00pm…….PraiseRingers, Bell Room

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