Everyone has different gifts- it took me a few years as a church member to find mine.  I would sit in church and listen to an eloquent testimony, hear our choir and musicians moving the congregation and have been part of Sunday school classes where our teacher made connections that deepened my understanding of scripture. 

I admired them for their courage to use the blessings they had received and wanted to worship in a similarly amazing way.

My talents are eating and sleeping. You may not think there are many opportunities for those skills in service. Not true. Calvary Room In The Inn has provided me the opportunity to serve god and our community by being an overnight host.

 As a host you only need to be able to answer yes to the three following questions:

 1) Are you a male?  

2) Do you like to eat?

3) Can you sleep on a extra wide cot? 

If you want to serve and you want to meet some really interesting fellas.  Sign up.  (Sundays November through March)

 Word of caution- sign up soon. The dinners are sponsored by Sunday school classes and the veteran hosts are carefully combing the lists to research what nights certain Sunday School classes are sponsoring.  Don’t bother signing up for the night Vota Vita is hosting, my mother and her class are Grannies and they cook with lard and love.

I hope that you will give consideration to supporting Calvary’s Room in the Inn.

Brett Bell

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