An update from Brian Varble, Minister of Missions & Recreation:

James 1:27 says true worship is taking care of widows and orphans.  James was reminding us they were the most vulnerable at this time.  Today we are called to reach out and serve the most vulnerable.  In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic we understand there are many vulnerable people that we need to serve.  One challenge is providing food for the vulnerable.  God’s Pantry and Meals on Wheels will still function until told otherwise.  Calvary will plan on partnering with these ministries.  If you have concerns, that is understandable and I will find substitutes.  PLEASE call me (327-9984) and I will make sure the services are covered.  If you have some time and want to be involved in serving to help provide hands for these services also call me.   Another vulnerable community is our homeless.  We have 1 more week of Room in the Inn.  We will house the gentlemen on Sunday, March 23.  I need volunteers to help set up and provide a meal.

We also want to help the vulnerable within our congregation and our community.  If you know of anyone who needs supplies or any assistance, please call me (327-9984) and we will do our best to provide for these individuals.  We are a strong faith community! We love each other dearly! I want to make sure everyone is cared for and has what they need during this time of isolation.  Many prayers!


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