Sunday School Schedule During the Pandemic
(Download the pdf version HERE)


Teacher: Maria Harrington
Zoom contact: Maria Harrington
Zoom: Sundays at 9:15am

Grade 1
Teacher: Kathy Botts & Kathy Ritter
Zoom contact: Carrie Beth
Zoom: Sunday at 9:00am

Grades 2-3
Teacher: Clarissa Beiting & Mindy Mobley
Zoom contact:  Mindy Mobley
Zoom: Sundays at 9am

Grades 4-5

Teachers: Mary Thompson & Grace Thompson
Zoom contact: Grace Thompson
Zoom: Sundays at 9am


Middle school
Teacher: Clark Hale, Greg Mitchell, Lee Ann Myers, Missy Pruner
Zoom contact: Justin Sizemore
Zoom: Sundays at 9:30am

High school

Teacher: Luke Moody, David Todd, Samantha Todd
Zoom contact: Justin Sizemore
Zoom: Sundays at 9:30am

College & Young Adult:

Teacher: Niki Hays
Not Zooming- we are meeting in person (Community Groups)

Teachers: Katie Henderson, Scott May
Not Zooming- we are meeting in person (Community Groups)

Sons and Daughters of Thunder
Teachers: Brian Varble, Fran Rohlfing, Steve Rohlfing
Plan to meet twice a month on the Green Space
Zoom contact: Abby Sizemore
Zoom: Occasionally on Sundays at 6:00pm



Teachers: Heather Barron
Zoom contact: Nathan Cook
Zoom: Sundays 10am

Keeping it Together

Teacher: Wade VanMeter
Zoom contact: Wade VanMeter
Zoom: Sundays, 9:15-10:00am


Teachers: Brett Bell, Tonya Steele
Zoom contact: Tonya Steele
Zoom: Sundays at 9:00am

Carriers of Light

Teachers: Kim Taylor, Kathy Chase
Zoom contact: David Carpenter
Zoom: Sundays at 9:15am

Beginning Life Together

Teachers: Neil and Gloria Reed
Zoom contact: Ryan Harrington
Zoom: Sundays at 8:30pm

Journey Class

Teacher(s):  HK Kingkade, David Shaw
Zoom contact: Julia Hutchens
Zoom: Sundays at 9:30am

Upper Room

Teacher: Dan Carman
Zoom contact: Jenny Carman
Zoom: Sundays at 9:45am

Gracious Friends

Teacher: Lee Jinright
Zoom contact: Jenni Jinright
Zoom: Sundays at 9am


Teacher(s):  Scott Fitzpatrick, Jay Blanton, Becky Dutch
Zoom contact:  Scott Fitzpatrick
Zoom: Sundays at 9am

Senior Adults/LOGOS:


Teacher: Carol Davis
Zoom contact: Carol Davis
Zoom: TBD

Friends in Christ

Teacher: Scott Simpson, Ben Carr, Benita King, Mike Ligon, Bill Settles
Zoom contact: Joye O’Brien
Zoom: TBD

Pastor’s Class

Teacher: Bill Roberts, Hank Ellington, JD Miller
Zoom contact: Basha Roberts
Zoom: Sundays at 9:30am

Vota Vita

Teacher: Sherry Johnson
Zoom contact: Mimi Ward
Zoom: Sundays 9:25-10:10am

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