Adult Ministry

Sunday School

Calvary seeks to provide quality Bible study and fellowship opportunities. Listed below are Sunday School classes for adults. Sunday School classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45am.

Classes on 3rd floor of EB1
  • Sons and Daughters of Thunder (SADOT) (30s-40s)
  • Christians in Action (CIA) (30s-40s)
  • Crossroads Class (20s-50s)
  • Journey (40s-50s)
  • Upper Room (40s-50s)
Classes in EB2 (2nd & 3rd floors)
  • Keeping It Together (KIT) (40s-50s) singles and couples with children living at home, 3rd floor, rm 303B
  • Say Anything (40s-50s) singles and couples, 2nd floor, room 206
  • Lighthouse Class (40s-50s) singles and couples, 2nd floor, room 211
  • Carriers of Light (40s-50s) singles and couples, 3rd floor, room 303A
  • Gracious Friends (30s-70s) singles and couples, 3rd floor

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