Brian’s Mission Moment
May 24, 2021

It was a Tuesday night in the fall of 1975 that my life was changed forever. I was attending a Delton Dees revival service and he was preaching on the horror of hell. At the invitation, I sprinted down the aisle clutched our pastor, Rev. Duane Cline, and accepted Christ as my Savior. I can promise you I had the hell scared out of me on that Tuesday night. I slept comfortably that night knowing I had the security of eternity in Heaven with my Creator God.

I woke up on Wednesday with a new exciting relationship with Jesus Christ and I wanted everyone to know. I invited my friend Billy to join me on Wednesday night; he needed to know about this amazing Jesus. Billy attended that Wednesday night and eventually he accepted Christ. Sadly, my excitement faded away and I was not as eager to share how Jesus saved me from the depths of Hell. My relationship become ordinary, not as fresh and exciting. Throughout my life I’ve had an ebb and flow connection with Christ (I guess it is called, in Christian lingo, mountain top moments and valley experiences). For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a godly person, stay on top of that mountain and proclaim of Jesus’ love from the top of the mountain. Yet when I look at the yesterdays of my life, what I (mostly) see is a broken, irregular path littered with mistakes and failure. I have had temporary successes and isolated moments of closeness to God, but I desire the continuing presence of Jesus. Thank God, Jesus is so faithful as we meander through life!

In the midst of my clutter and fragmented journey, I am thankful for that fateful Tuesday night when I was introduced to and ran into the loving arms of Jesus Christ. My life was changed forever as I began to understand the hope I have could be shared with others. I pray you are reminded of that time you encountered Jesus and your life was changed forever. I pray our connection with Jesus will be renewed and we will once again share that story and invite others to know of the grace and love of Jesus.



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