Covid 19 Update
September 15, 2021

The Ministry Staff continues to monitor the status of the pandemic in our community. Given that the status appears to have changed very little over the last two weeks, we will continue to maintain our current practices for another two-week period. Again, we are re-evaluating our status and making adjustments every two weeks. Thanks for your care for one another and patience with this process.

Current Covid practices to continue for two more weeks:
We continue to encourage everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask in our large group gatherings and especially when working with preschoolers and children. This is not a requirement, but is a request based on guidance from the CDC and local health authorities. We also welcome attendees to practice distancing as they desire. We have sufficient space in both worship services for attendees to create space, especially in the balcony in the 11AM service. For worship on Sunday, we will not have a choir and we will not have congregational singing. Also, we will not have choir practice during that time.

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