Communicating Effectively with People Dealing with Memory Loss
Tuesday, October 12
2:00PM in Fellowship Hall

Everyone in the community is invited to this informational conference featuring Dr. Diane Vance (read more about Dr. Vance below) speaking on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association. Learn the best strategies for communicating with people who are dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This conference is great for anyone but especially care-givers and family of those with memory loss.

Diane Vance was a high school teacher in Louisville before going to the University of Kentucky. She earned her PhD in chemistry at UK where she collaborated with the Sanders Brown Center on Aging to investigate the possible role of trace elements in Alzheimer’s Disease. Diane then worked in chemical industry before taking a position at Eastern Kentucky University, where she was professor of chemistry and director of the forensic science program. Diane’s husband had Lewy Body dementia, and she was his sole caregiver for several years. Diane has been a volunteer speaker for the Alzheimer’s Association for 6 years.


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