Newly Elected Church Leaders

Calvary is pleased to present the following as the newly elected church leaders for 2021-2022. Join Calvary as we ordain some of the new deacons on Sunday, August 22, during our 11:00AM service.

DEACONS  (*signifies to be ordained)

Tom Crouch*

Susan Cruse

Justin Denton*

Eric Fruge*

Betsy Fusilier*

Mary Ann Garback*

Katie Henderson*

Linda Holbrook*

Casey Hutchens*

Barry Lawson*

Brad Oakley*

Kathy Ritter

Brad Shepherd*

Margaret Ann Smith*

Emily Snowden*

Burr Lawson (2 yr)

Fran Rohlfing (1 yr)


Julia Hutchens


Laura Holsclaw

Bill Thurman

Becky Wills


Denise McClelland


Jean DeCoursey


Mike Taylor


Samantha Todd


Tonya Steele


Dan Carman

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