Monday Missional Musings
April 5, 2021

“The Gospel is no longer good news, its okay news.  Christianity is no longer life-changing, its life enhancing.   Jesus doesn’t change people into wild-eyed radicals anymore; He changes us into “nice people.

Mike Yaconelli, Dangerous Wonder

How do we develop a first-hand faith?  A faith not passed down from of our parents, family, friends, our congregation or a pastor, but rather a faith which we truly own ourselves.   A faith that is genuine and guides our words and actions.  A faith that so strong that it won’t break no matter our circumstances.  A faith that will lead us to be uncomfortable and continue to provide opportunities for us to grow.  A faith that will forever change our lives.

There are many ways to nurture our faith- reading scripture, prayer, worship, asking questions, serving in the community and short term mission opportunities.  We all have our own way to cultivate our faith in God.  I am reminded of Thomas and his desire for a first-hand faith, he would not settle for hearing the news of the risen savior from his closest friends, he had to know for himself!  Thomas was not doubting, it was his longing to really know and see the risen savior.  Jesus understood Thomas’ yearning and met his desire of Thomas to have his own genuine experience with Him.  Can you imagine the life-changing, genuine faith Thomas had after his encounter with Jesus?  I expect that Thomas became even more dedicated to Jesus and building God’s kingdom after his one-on-one experience with Jesus.

Maybe the Gospel has lost some of its luster because we settle for someone else’s faith, not our own. I pray we are courageous, like Thomas, to have a meaningful encounter with Jesus that changes our viewpoints, becomes life changing, and allows us to become “wild-eyed radicals” for Jesus.

Missions News

April 6 and 8
Build a Bed prep nights
1208 North Broadway
We are also collecting nighttime kits for Build a Bed delivery day (April 24). Please drop of any of the following items to Calvary:

twin size comforter set
night light
alarm clock
age appropriate book
hygiene items
age appropriate Bible
Please donate new items.

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