Monday Missional Musings
March 15, 2021

Animal rescue videos always amaze me; they remind me of the good of humanity! People taking their time and risking their lives to assist an animal in crisis. It also reminds me that all of creation, no matter its size and place in the food chain, has its moments of great need.

Sometimes we are stuck and need some assistance. Our “stuckness” can be due to natural disasters, life issues and some times our own choices. I am thankful for faithful people who meet those in the midst of troubling times and are not afraid to invest time and get a little dirty to provide that helping hand. I am reminded of Luke 10 and the story of the Good Samaritan. He saw a stranger was stuck and in desperate need and quickly responded to take care of the individual. Calvary does such of good job living out this story. I am privileged to hear and be involved in some of those stories- what a blessing!

I am so fortunate to serve with a loving, caring community. Calvary is always quick to share the love of Christ and meet the needs of individuals stuck in the moment. This past month, I’ve been overjoyed with Calvary’s generosity. Since February you have collected 6,971 diapers for The Nest, sent three vehicles full of buckets and cleaning supplies to Estill and Clark County, and showed up this past weekend for Mission Blitz Day. (We partnered with High Street Neighborhood Center, Mission Health Lexington, The Nest, Grace Place, and our clothing closet.) Calvary’s response has been amazing! Enjoy these pictures of Calvary in action.

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