Monday Missional Musings
March 22, 2021

As you know, I am a huge baseball fan. I played baseball through high school, which led to a long and glorious church league softball career. At one point, I was climbing up the national rankings to an All-American level, or at least that’s what Tammy told me. Then fatherhood, middle age, and Thursday being my off day became a hindrance to my softball career- Thursday being my off day being the biggest challenge.

Every Thursday, I started to have a conversation with myself if I was going to play in the evening. This conversation started early and lasted all day, “I don’t think I want to play. I just want to stay home. The game is too late.” My day was filled with so many reasons for not playing. Then by most late Thursday afternoons, I decided I needed to play. I would begrudgingly go to the game, have a great time, love the community, get beat badly (we were terrible) and then on the way home ask myself why I spend my Thursday going back and forth with such a simple decision. I would make a pact with myself that the next Thursday, I would not have this struggle, only to go through the same process the next week.

I share this story, because at times I settle for comfortable and miss out on some amazing blessings. I could have easily stayed home and missed the smiles, laughter and stories of the Thursday evening softball league. I want to challenge you not to settle for comfort as there is a lot to experience. These experiences provide opportunities to create stories of encountering God, to learn more about God’s love, to share God’s love with others.  God has so much in store for our lives; let’s not miss out because we like our comfort.

Here are some opportunities to begin creating stories and encounter God.

April 10-17     Disaster Relief Trip to Lake Charles, LA

April 26-May 7  Disaster Relief Trip to Owsley Co, KY

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