Monday Missional Musings
March 29, 2021

Every Holy Week I seem to get stuck in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus was sincerely pleading, almost bargaining with God to take this cup from him. He went into the garden three times to implore God to find another way. Jesus was honestly afraid at that moment (Matthew 26:41, Jesus says the sprit is willing, but the flesh is weak). As the story continues, Jesus was so tormented he began to sweat drops of blood.  Jesus had a realization of the magnitude of the situation. I refer to Jesus in the garden as being, reluctantly obedient.  In order for Jesus to follow through, He had to have complete faith in God, His Father. The only way Jesus could be obedient was the total reliance He had in God’s plan. At this point in the Garden of Gethsemane I can truly relate with Jesus, His vulnerability becomes very personal to me. Both of us, Jesus and I have to have total faith in God and rely on His blueprint for our lives.

May it be our prayer that we become “reluctantly obedient!” May God lead us to situations that take amazing faith and trust in God to go wherever He leads. May God lead us out of comfort and challenge us to rely on His strength to further His Kingdom.  May our love of God and for our community move us to be reluctantly obedient to serve where God guides. I pray we take encouragement from Jesus in the garden and faithfully allow God to work through us.

This Holy Week I pray you remember you are so precious and valuable to Jesus that he was reluctantly obedient to endure the cross for you; for all of us- so we could have eternal live with our Creator God. Let’s share this good news with our family, friends and community.



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