Monday Missional Musings
May 17, 2021

I was raised in the church. My parents made sure I was in the church every time the doors were open-Sunday morning and evening, Wednesday nights and even had to endure many 7-night revival services. However, most of my memories were of me getting in trouble. I was taken out of worship several times for being too animated and squirmy as the preacher was sharing God’s good news. The real trouble happened on Wednesday nights when I was in middle school and early high school years, my mother was in choir practice and my friends and I were able to run wild throughout the church. My mother would get several phone calls on Thursday about something being broken or in a mess. Looking back, I lacked positive experiences growing up in the church.

During my freshman year at Cumberland College, my home church called Mike Shupert as its first youth minister. When I returned home for summer break, Mike invited me to be the youth intern for the summer. I really had nothing better to do so I agreed to help out, not knowing it would change my life (I had plans to be a history teacher and baseball coach). Throughout that summer, I recognized Mike was providing wonderful cherished memories of the love of God within the church, something I desired and missed! That summer God called me to youth ministry to provide students positive, wonderful, cherished memories of the love of God within the church. Today, as Minister to the Community at Calvary Baptist, I still feel that calling to provide these memories and create stories through our missional experiences.

As I remember and think about my calling I am reminded about individuals who feel called to bring God’s good news to the world. There are individuals who are called to spend all their days in strange, foreign lands to share of the love of Christ. On this Sunday, May 23, we will take a few moments to recognize, pray for, and give an offering to help support the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Field Personnel. CBF has Field Personnel in 25 different countries and regions around the globe. All of the Global Missions money collected on Sunday will help support the missionaries to live out their life-long calling to serve our Lord and Savior.

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