Epiphany Practice: Star Gifts

Many churches practice the celebration of Epiphany, the celebration when the wise men visited Jesus with gifts. This falls at the end of the 12 days of Christmas, January 6. Churches celebrate Epiphany in many ways but one way is a practice of offering a “star gift” at the beginning of a new year. Words to guide the year are written on stars and gathered in a basket, and then family members each draw a star. Each person’s word becomes a gift to guide them throughout the year.

You can replicate this practice at home this year whether you are a single, a couple, or a family and do the same thing. Click HERE for a handout you can use for this activity. See the ways the word you select comes into your life in 2021 in surprising ways.

Excerpted from Faithful Families for Advent & Christmas: 100 Prayers, Practices, and Lessons to Make the Season Sacred by Traci Smith (Chalice Press: 2020, All Rights Reserved).

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