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Spring 2021 has allowed for further expansion of our Sunday School offerings including groups for LOGOS classes and the next set of adult classes, who are ready to meet together in person. Many classes will move back into their rooms, if space is adequate to allow for necessary distancing. Larger classes will remain in alternate spaces at present. A list of when classes are meeting at Calvary is available below. We will maintain all of our online connections for worship and study. We recognize that many of our members will need to remain connected virtually for some time yet. We are committed to providing opportunity for everyone moving forward.

How to Zoom

For Virtual Sunday School

We are thankful that technology allows us a way to connect and meet even if we are not in the same space. Calvary wants you to be a part of your Sunday School class virtually. Click here for some information about setting up and using Zoom.

Sunday School Classes

Click HERE for our spring/summer 2021 Sunday School class guide.


Outside of Sunday mornings, Calvary has small Bible study groups meeting as well as our church-wide Wednesday evening Bible study time.

Wednesday Evenings Winter/Spring 2022

Finding Our Way: The Spring Semester

We will continue to work toward understanding who God is calling us to be as a congregation and discerning the way forward on which God is leading us. The spring semester will be divided up into three approaches to these questions. We will also have a few special nights along the way. 

We will continue to stream each week on YouTube and make participation available via Zoom. We hope everyone will make Wednesday evening Bible study a priority as these sessions are foundational for us as we seek to move forward together finding our way into God’s mission in the world.

The semester will begin with Dream Analysis. We dreamed with the Spirit’s help throughout the fall.  We will spend January looking at the dreams we have shared and try to understand what God might be saying through our dreams. We will conclude this section with an evening of prayer and discussion that will be the same for each section. We will ask the question, “Which way do we go?”

Engage Calvary will commence in February and run through March into April. This section will help us to discover our spiritual gifts, passions and abilities. Not only will this portion of our study form each one of us for our own discipleship; but it will also give us insight into what God is making of us as a congregation. As we learn about the gifts and passions God has collected at Calvary, we will gain a better picture of how God is calling us to engage in God’s mission in our world. 

We will conclude our exploration by returning to the biblical text with our final section: Acts: The Rest of the Story. As we watch the mission of God continue to expand through the early church, we will consider how that story provides a model for us moving forward. Click HERE for the complete schedule.

Men's Thursday Morning Bible Study

Our Thursday morning Men’s Bible Study meets at 7:40am. The group is meeting via Zoom through February. Click HERE for the current study schedule. Contact Hank Ellington if you’d like to join.

The Beloved Gospel Virtual Study

A virtual study of the Gospel of John led by Dr. Monty Stallins. This study concluded in spring 2021 but since the study was originally virtual, the reading guide and corresponding videos are available here for anyone who may want to do the study on their own or in their own small group.

Women's Bible Study

Visit our Women’s Ministry page to see current and upcoming Women’s Bible study groups.

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