Third Sunday Community Groups
In-Person Sunday Morning Bible Study

On the third Sunday of each month beginning October 18, 2020 we will offer three in-person Bible
study community groups on Sunday mornings. These options seek to supplement ongoing virtual
study with periodic in-person opportunities. These groups are not intended to replace or compete with
classes meeting virtually.

We will offer three, large-group format, gatherings that are organized around topic/interest, not
age groupings or current class structures. We continue to encourage all of our members who are
at higher risk to stay at home and participate virtually. Spaces will be limited for each class as
determined by the capacity of the room with social distancing. The first set of gatherings will
present a three lesson series in October, November and December.

Members will need to make reservations for a class and for any preschoolers, children and youth,
who may accompany them. Groups for preschool/children/youth will be facilitated based on
expected attendance and will utilize appropriate spaces for social distancing.

Groups will begin near 10AM and last for thirty minutes. Beginning and ending times will be
staggered to reduce traffic in transition to worship. Children and youth will join their families in
the Sanctuary.

Here are the options for the upcoming series for adults:

  • Questions Jesus Asked led by Niki Hays
    October: “But Who Do You Say That I Am?” Peter’s Confession of Christ
    November: “Where Is Your Faith?” Jesus Calms the Storm
    December: “If You Love Those Who Love You, What Credit Is That to You?” Love for Enemies
    Start Time: 10AMLocation: Fireside Room (30 spaces available)
  • God and the Pandemic led by Hank Ellington
    What are we supposed to think about the coronavirus crisis? N.T Wright examines how to shape
    our faith now and into the post-virus world. We will discuss:
    October: Where Do We Start? What should be the Christian response? How should we think about
    November: How do we live in the present? What can we learn about ourselves?
    December: How do we recover?
    Start Time: 10:10AM
    Location: Fellowship Hall (50 spaces available)
  • On Being led by Brian Varble
    October: Being Human Gal. 5:13-26
    November: Being Together Luke 15:14-25
    December: Being Loved Luke 2:1-20
    Start Time: 10:20AM
    Location: Gym (50 spaces available)

You can reserve your seat for one of these gatherings by visiting the Bible Study page. Please remember to register any children or youth who may be coming with you. For those families attending with children and youth, we will have groups available for them as well. You will need to register them when you sign up for your gathering. The web site will give you an opportunity to add them to your registration. Here is what they will be doing.

Justin Sizemore will lead. The Youth will gather in the Youth Suite beginning at 10AM.
Can I Ask That? Hard questions about God and Faith.
October 18th- “Can I trust the Bible?”
November 22nd- “Why do bad things happen to good people?”
December 20th- “Why is it so awkward to talk about Jesus with my friends?”

The middle of October through the middle of November preschoolers through elementary kids will
be study a unit in Sunday School on Ways We Know God. Girls and boys here at Calvary on these
in-person days will be studying the same lesson as the SS classes on Zoom.

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