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Transition Team

The next few months will be an important time in the life of our church as Dr. Baker retires and turns over his leadership and 27-year service legacy at Calvary to another leader.

While we are reluctant to see the end of Dr. Baker’s ministry with us, we rejoice and celebrate the many good years of his ministry at Calvary. In the meantime . . . our newly-formed Transition Team has begun to plan the next steps for the Church.

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The concept of a Transition Team is new to Calvary. Many churches today, small and large, are using a leadership team approach for strategic transition planning and a consultant to find their next pastor. It has been 27 years since we called a Senior Pastor and our social and religious culture is different, Calvary is different. The Transition task will require planning, assessing our gifts, and spiritually discerning God’s plan for Calvary to ensure a smooth transition from Dr. Baker’s ministry to that of a new Senior Pastor.

The Transition Team is committed to maintaining open and transparent communication and promises to keep the church informed about the process and progress of its work. The Transition Team will report to the Deacon Board each month and continue to give the congregation regular updates through the Sunday School announcements and the Calvary Connections.

Transition Team information published in the October 11, 2018 Calvary Connections newsletter can be found here.

Preaching Schedule

May 17 – Bob Browning

May 24 – Bob Browning

May 31 – Bob Browning