We had a great week at Destination Dig with all the kids! We had 56 children enrolled and our offering for the week was $218.88. We enjoyed time with the children at our daily Worship & Praise, Bible study, and with all our cool site rotations: Art & Crafts, Missions Market and Recreation/Snack. We also had a fun time with our families at Family Night. We pray that no matter their age, the children learned important truths about Jesus that will lay a wonderful foundation for faith in Jesus for their life. We had several children express an interest in accepting Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and we are following up with them and their parents.

VBS is an important week at Calvary and has a long-standing tradition, but is only possible with the help of our volunteers and staff! The youth and varying ages of adults did a wonderful job working together to share the love and truths of Jesus with our girls and boys. Thank you to those who brought delicious snacks for our teachers and the prayer team that lifted us up in prayer each day.


Clay Allison
Cece Balog
Shira Birdwhistell
Nancy Boatman
Carolann Botkins
Barbara Bowman
Joni Breeding
Julianne Buchanan
Noah Buchanan
Will Carman
Sam Chavez
Barbara Combs
Susan Cruse
Carol Davis
Julie Dill
Millie Duke
Hank Ellington
Linda Ellington
Beverly Freeman
Terrence Freeman
Brittney Hamilton
Evan Hamilton
Landon Hamilton
Maria Harrington
Niki Hays
Vivian Heaton
Karen Henderson
Greg Hobbs
Jennifer Keitz
Lisse Lawson
Amy Maas
Maurine Mitchell
Jackson Mobley
Lauren Mobley
Kevin Raybuck
Whitley Ridgway
Nancy Ristau
Glenda Ritchie
Ava Roberts
Hadley Roberts
Cooper Samuelson
William Samuelson
Brilee Sanders
Missy Sanders
Morgan Sapp
Heather Sapp-Goodin
Justin Sizemore
Joy Skidmore
Laura Stallins
Tonya Steele
Margaret Stevens
Mary Thompson
Christopher Todd
Samantha Todd
Benjamin Tonks
Cate VanMeter
Joseph VanMeter
Brian Varble
Aidan Waters
Keenan Waters
Linda Wilson

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