Wednesday Evenings Fall 2022
6PM, Fellowship Hall
Begins August 17, 2022

To the Romans
A Study in an Early Sketch of Christian Theology

During Wednesday evening Bible study this fall, we will take a deep dive into Paul’s theological treatise known as the Epistle to the Romans. We will consider the text first within the context of a developing spirituality in the First Century movement that professed Jesus as both Christ and Lord. We will also read the text through the lens of two of the books most influential interpreters: Martin Luther and Karl Barth. The first is well known as the founder of the Reformation. The second is a 20th Century Swiss theologian. Both are considered to have written highly influential commentaries on Paul’s letter to Rome. We will add more recent voices as well to try to develop a larger perspective on how the theology expressed in Romans shapes our modern understanding of Gospel itself. We will read, discuss and interact with the above interpretive partners and take our time doing so. We invite you to join us in this weekly study led by our Pastor beginning at 6:00 PM each week in Fellowship Hall immediately following a time of prayer.

We continue to offer virtual participation and all the necessary links are below. Please contact the office at 859-254-3491 if you need assistance or have questions about how to participate virtually.

You Tube (watch only)
Zoom Meeting (allows for participation)


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