Wednesday Evenings Winter and Spring 2022
Finding Our Way: The Spring Semester

We will continue to work toward understanding who God is calling us to be as a congregation and discerning the way forward on which God is leading us. The spring semester will be divided up into three approaches to these questions. We will also have a few special nights along the way.

We hope everyone will make Wednesday evening Bible study a priority as these sessions are foundational for us as we seek to move forward together finding our way into God’s mission in the world.

We continue to offer virtual participation and all the necessary links are below. Please contact the office at 859-254-3491 if you need assistance or have questions about how to participate virtually.

You Tube (watch only)
Zoom Meeting (allows for participation)

Wednesday Evening Winter/Spring Schedule

Handout 4/6/22, Realm Information

Handout 3/23/22, Your Ministry Profile Summary
Handout 3/16/22 session, Your Ministry Profile
Form submission 3/16/22, My Ministry Profile

Personal Style, 3/9/22 session
Passion Assessment, 3/9/22 session

Dreams List 
Spiritual Gifts, 2/9/22 session
Spiritual Gifts Key, 2/9/22 session


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