As of November 1, the Helping Hands program will begin at Calvary Baptist Church.  The purpose is to help our senior church members.  We help with simple projects around the house (change light bulbs, change batteries in fire alarms, fix a running toilet, and other projects that would take 30-45 minutes).  The Helping Hands who will come to your house are volunteers from our church: Jimmy Adams, Wade and Elizabeth VanMeter, Scott Maas, Neil Reed, Earl Reynolds, Mike Taylor and J.D. Miller.  How do you get help?  Email Dianne Crouch at and she will contact you and set up an appointment.  If you do not have email, contact the church office and they will contact Dianne.

Learn more about how Dianne launched this new ministry with Calvary below:

My mother is 91 years old, lives in her own home, and drives to the grocery and to the beauty shop in her rural town.  She can remember things that I cannot.  She listens to her minister and can tell me various things that he stresses each Sunday.  She is quite independent and mentally sharp.   BUT, she has frequently reminded me that I need to come home to help change light bulbs, change the HVAC filter, change batteries in the smoke alarms, and various other things.  She is afraid to get on a ladder; she does not want to fall.  And she is right!  She has often said that she wished there was someone who would do these small jobs for the older population.

Like Mother, I needed someone to come and do some repair jobs. I browsed on Nextdoor, the website for neighborhoods, to see if my neighbors were recommending handymen.  Several did.  After research I decided that Paul was the best choice.  Upon meeting him my first impression was that he was a nice fellow.  I showed him our house and pointed out the problem areas.  As we chatted, I discovered that he was also an Associate Pastor of Senior Adult Ministry.  After putting all the facts together, we decided that Paul was the right choice for us.

Soon Paul came for his first ‘fix-it’ visit.  During his breaks, I would refill his water, take him some homemade goodies, and talk. I was curious about his church, and I shared thoughts on mine.  During one conversation I shared the facts of my mother and her needs.  He began to tell me about the Helping Hands program that his church provided to the senior/LOGOS members.  I listened and asked many questions.  Wow!!!  It was not by coincidence that Paul came to help me.  God puts just the right people in our path…

and now Calvary’s Helping Hands ministry will be available beginning November 1!

One of my mother’s doctors said that as we travel through life, there will be a point where we all will need a little bit of help.  We hope that the Helping Hands ministry will be that help for you!

Dianne Crouch

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